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This West Austin brewery, Frontyard, doesn’t have a taproom yet, but you can try the beers now

A hallmark of any brewery is its taproom — a place where you can drink the beer straight from the source, getting to know the people who made it and the brand it represents. But for one Austin brewery, having one isn’t a requirement just yet.


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Austin’s Newest Brewery Is Looking for a Taproom

While Austin’s newest brewery Frontyard Brewing doesn’t have a public taproom, its beers are now available in Austin. However, the team, consisting of brewer Kevin Jones, Chad Worner, and Byran Russell, is looking for for a separate space to debut a fully functioning taproom.


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Frontyard Brewing hopes to find its way into local backyards

A lot of teamwork is in full swing to produce big beer flavor in a small warehouse in the Cuernavaca area.

Cuernavaca resident Kevin Jones, Chad Worner of Spicewood and Bryan Russell of Lakeway have been busily brewing beer in their leased western Travis County space since Oct. 10, Russell said. But the trio of friends who founded Frontyard Brewing haven’t left their office day jobs yet.