Frontyard Brewing - Kevin



Kevin discovered brewing in 2011, but like many in the industry spent his days behind a desk crunching numbers for years before finally making the decision to pursue his passion. Although he still works as a financial consultant by day, he spends his nights and weekends at the brewery working to make his dream come to life. Like Chad, his goal is to be able to slow down and enjoy life with his wife Ashley and their three kids while creating a family friendly culture that centers around great beer. Kevin is always looking for beers that are different but not too crazy which is why you’ll find that most of his beers are just slightly off the beaten path. Most of his beers can be described as standard styles with a twist.

Kevin tries not to discriminate. He loves all beer styles but when he’s looking for something to drink he definitely leans towards anything with big bold flavor. Life’s too short to be subtle.